on sounds

i love the small sounds that we sometimes take for granted. 
the heady buzz of cicadas in the sticky heat of summer. 
the high whistle of eager wind, sneaking in through gaps in a windowsill, through slivers of space in a doorway. 
i love the sweet, sweet coos and murmurs of my sweet baby niece, already so tall and so strong. 
the hum of electricity in my little apartment, my first home with the man i’ve come to love, reminding me of how blessed i am to have a place just for us. 
i love the rush of air on the train as i go to visit my family, reminding me that even if i don’t have a car, i have a way to get around, time all to myself to read or just stare out of the window. 

i get so stuck on myself, so wrapped up in what i want and what i don’t have–today, i am thankful. thankful for the ability to hear and revel in the sounds all around me.