on sustainability

i got off track, a bit.

i lost my way, a bit.

with a piece of plastic in my hand, i wasn’t limited anymore. i wasn’t limited by incoming checks, by my own ability to find work, by the constraints of living buried under debt.

i took that piece of plastic, and i charged full steam ahead, knocking everyone in my life over in the process.

so here i sit.

saddled with less.

a sapling bending under pressure, edges just beginning to fray.

a shift is required.

where i once would have leapt to my keyboard to search out and purchase a new book to read, i check my local library.

where i once would have spent countless amounts of money on clothing to keep up with trends, i refrain and make use of what i have.

where i once would have driven for leisure, wasting time and gas, i play puzzles with my son, take long walks, and complete all of my errands in one go.

these steps are small, yes.

but they are small steps toward responsibility and sustainability.

and i am grateful for every step.